Collection: Home In The Bay

Home In the Bay is a very personal piece to me.

Coming from Northern Ontario roots, I really miss the small town surrounded by trees vibe that envelopes a city completely. There is such a peace and relaxing quality to the untamed wilderness of that region. You find yourself dwarfed by the endless expanses of trees and rocks, (And rocks and trees and trees and rocks - This is an Arrogant Worms reference) and in that space you can feel so connected to the world around you and reminded that we are but small specks of men on a giant living rock hurtling through the black inkinesss of space. 

In the city, it can be hard to feel that sort of natural connectedness. Surrounded by towering structures of steel and glass you can feel insignificant in a completely different way- but within the wash of concrete there are still flecks of the natural world that will always creep through. 

I really love how this image captures that feeling of the natural beauty of the Northern Ontario wilderness. There’s a striking beauty to it that is impossible to replicate, but that is so apparent when put through on this level is so vibrant and necessary to see and feel. 

This piece is an acrylic painting made with markers, paint and fluidization.