Collection: Reefer Madness

There’s many reasons to be upset about a lot of social issues that are going on right now in our world: But right now I’m mostly mad on behalf of our big, blue, wet things. (Shoutout to Muppet Treasure Island) Between pollution and the actions over the past century our oceans are now more threatened than ever. 

I painted this as a way to try to bring attention to the worlds oceans and how right now they need our protection more than ever. We have reason to be upset by what is happening in our oceans right now. For something that takes up more than ⅔ of our planet- it is also one of the most vulnerable regions. From shark finning, to coral bleaching, to over fishing- it’s got a lot of problems- and there’s never been a better time to fight for it’s protection. 

I wish there was an easy solution to this problem- but right now, it just makes me angry that this is something that we even need to talk about still. But if this hoodie can help to open up dialogues about it, then I’ll consider that a small win. 

The painting itself is a mixed media on canvas.