About Us

Because life is too short to dress boring.

Matti McLean is an artist and author in Toronto, Canada who wants to make people feel inspired, excited and powerful.

He is also guilty of giving chronic white person smiles. He's working on that. 

Proudly hailing from the North, he has been a body painter sharing a body positive message by painting his art directly on the skin of his supporters.

Now, he’s taking this body art and putting it out there in a more permanent fashion to encourage people to be less serious, have more fun and look more fierce. 

Each print is based off a painting that is comprised of many different layers offering unparalleled colour depth. His process of layering means that you can often see layers of the different paintings on top of each other, and the printing process means that not a single detail is missed. 

But art like all things is an ever changing and transforming thing! Keep your eyes open for brand new designs, and be sure to grab the items before they’re retired! 

Got a favourite picture, but it's not available in your favourite style? Let us know! You never know- it may show up in the Gallery shortly afterwards.