Another Third Eye

A custom painting by Matti McLean

Open your eyes. Look around. See the world for what it really is.

Massive changes are happening all around us, but sometimes we just need to relax, unplug and settle into ourselves.

Into me I see. So take a moment and see what you need to.

This painting was made with layers and layers of colours stacked, lovingly lined, and balanced by random chaos that was integrated to make something meditative, energised and highly focused.


This pieces was originally one that I struggled with. At first I thought the colours were too discordant and not harmonious in the slightest. But as time went on, and I sat with it, and layered it with pieces of new life and vibrancy, it grew on me more and more until finally I ended up with this special little piece. 

I greatly enjoy the final design and the way it's all come together. The lining I did began to resemble an eye, and the more I look at it today, the more I can feel that the chaos in it leads to some sort of peace. It's all come together and despite all the chaos it took to get there, it worked out. 

If that's not encouraging, I don't know what is anymore. 

Painting currently available -

Design available as a hoodie and t-shirt in both feminine and masculine cuts.