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WORD VOMIT Original Painting

WORD VOMIT Original Painting

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A Mixed Media Canvas Painting with Original Poetry

You know that feeling where you have so much in your head, you just have to get it all out? 

And then you start and you just can’t stop? You just keep going. You just keep talking and arguing with yourself and you can’t seem to stop your tongue from waggling all over that? 

Well, I also have noisy brain and I really wanted to make this piece as a way to demonstrate this. 

Here we have hundreds of lines of poetry with a semi-gloss paint over top of it that allows you to read fragments of the wording underneath. Every time you look at this piece another line will jump out at you and there’s always a wide variety of the works that just enhance what you already have. 

Also I will always be a sucker for a good Mean Girls reference. 

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