Collection: Focus

It’s bright. It’s bold. And man is it visually stimulating. 

This was originally a piece that I had struggled with. This canvas has seen many, many iterations and I always felt like there was something missing or out of place. But at once- I finally was able to tweak and customize it in such a way that I gave it a circular feeling of spinning, or laughing, or an excitement bubbling up from just under the surface. 

This piece has many inspirations- but mostly it came from the song FOCUS by one of my all time favorites, Abandoned Pools. I always did think their SOMNABULIST album is an underrated gem worthy of much great worship and devotion. 

The image itself is acrylic with heavy lines made through paint, sharpie and colour blocking. It’s unique spiral pattern I’ve always found reminiscent of Nightmare Before Christmas with the other swirls and dancing patterns helping to add a sense of movement to it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.