Collection: From Long Sleep

This painting was originally created in 2014 when, during a cabaret experience, I had the “brilliant” idea to allow everyone who was a part of the evening to come and add a section of colour to the painting.
Now had I thought this through properly, I would have set it up so that there wasn’t so much of the original seascape painting underneath it - but as it stands, once all the paint was taken off and the final painting was revealed, it was something really special. 

This painting and this design have without a doubt become my most popular works outside of body painting, because of how vibrant, chaotic- and yet somehow also peaceful- they are. There’s something so moving about this work, but also because of that- so still and poignant in its creation. 

The fact that this also happens to be based on one of my favorite songs of all time also helps ensure it always has a very special and exciting place in my heart. 

The piece itself is an acrylic work with many, many - many - layers each more tantalizing and exciting than the last. It’s design hugs the frame in a very flattering and empowering way which helps you stand out anywhere you decide to go.