Collection: The Giants Causeway

There’s a place over in England that I have heard much about, but never seen. When I made this painting initially I couldn’t help but notice how similar the patterns were to the natural rock formations that have blossomed around that area. 

There is a specific kind of magic that forms around these geological phenomena - Some call it fairy magic, others simple erosion- but I know what it really is. 

Really cool. 

There’s a lot that we don’t see or appreciate or understand about our natural world around us- but the more that we explore- the better for everyone. Because isn’t there an incredible humility with admitting that there’s always more to learn. 

This is why I love science and understanding the world around us. The more we can find out- the more we can appreciate and the greater the communal knowledge of the world around us. 

In regards to the painting itself- it’s a reclaimed acrylic piece created with tape and patience.